We want you to get the results that you expect. Please read and follow the guidelines presented below to avoid project delays and/or additional charges.

Preparing Vector Files for Vinyl Cutting

Files for vinyl cutting must be vector/outline files (EPS or Adobe Illustrator format through CS6), with all text converted to outlines. PDF files may only be used reliably if all text has already been converted to outlines. Strokes, if used, must also be converted to outlines (in Illustrator, "object - path - outline stroke") and (very important!) all extraneous shapes, such as the original stroke path, must be deleted or welded to another object. Everything that you see in wireframe mode ("view - outline") will be cut in vinyl. Complex or small vector elements may not be feasible as cut vinyl. All quotes are subject to revision once the files are provided and reviewed.

Using Bitmap Files for Vinyl Cutting

Raster images/bitmap files (including .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .psd) can not be used directly for vinyl graphics. We can trace, vectorize and clean up some high contrast scans or bitmap files if the resolution is sufficient, but this will add to the lead time and cost for your project. Please provide files or images for tracing for estimating cost and feasibility. Please note that some complex images can not be made into vinyl graphics, or would be better suited to digital printing.

Providing/Sending files

You can upload files to us directly - see Send Files page.

You can also use a free file transfer service such as High Tail (formerly YouSendIt, below), or files may be supplied on a flash drive, CD or DVD, Mac or PC.

Here are some links that you may find useful:

Cute PDF program download: click here.          High Tail program download:  click here.       

                                                 Adobe Reader:  get adobe reader                          

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